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Jody Soland

Jody Soland is an international singer, songwriter, speaker, and workshop leader who is known for her warm, friendly personality, her natural ability to connect with her audiences, and for her exceptional vocal talent.

She writes powerful, heartfelt and humorous songs about life experiences that everyone can relate to: Love, Loss, Joy, Family, and the path to God. On her newest Cd, “Spirit, Speak to Me”,  released in September 2012, Jody’s purpose is evident. Her soul-full voice draws you in and leads you on an unforgettable journey where stories are told, questions are asked, ideas are shared, and lessons are learned. As you listen, you begin to feel as if you are sitting with a close friend. While her songs open the heart, her presence teaches, inspires and empowers.

Corporations, Churches, Best Selling Authors, Motivational Speakers and Non-Profit Groups all hire Jody because of her unique ability to capture any message and deliver it in beautiful self-penned songs that move audiences, heart and soul. She has performed at countless events across the country. Some of her clients include: IBM, Sears, The Boy Scouts of America, Audio-Technica U.S.A., National S.A.V.E., the American Cancer Association Relay for Life, Summa Rehab Hospital, University of Notre Dame, the American Holistic Medical Association, The Summit County Traumatic Brain Injury Collaborative, Akron Woman’s City Club, Unity Churches, Metro Parks concert Series, The Center for Conscious Living,  Balanced Living Magazine, Woman Safe, and Girls for the World.

Jody’s songs have been recorded by artists across the U.S., Europe and Australia, and her music is part of the international program “Girls for the World”. She has recorded five CD projects, and she is proud to be a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International.


Why should we hire Jody for our event?

Inspired – Motivated communities are growing communities. When was the last time you invited a friend to an event where you didn’t expect to be inspired?

Jody has a unique gift for capturing the message of any group and delivering it in ways that move people, heart and soul.

Passion and Purpose – Common purpose leads to increased success and satisfaction.

Jody’s mission is to show us what happens when we allow ourselves to be totally authentic and say yes to who we really are. When we do that, we give others permission to do the same, and we bless the world with what it is we are here to do!

Thrive – No roadblock is insurmountable. We can learn how to enjoy the journey and embrace any challenges.

Jody’s compassion, understanding, empathy, inspiration and encouragement touch everyone who hears her music.

Motivating and Empowering – Understanding how to overcome obstacles and appreciate the simple things leads to increased peace of mind.

As a speaker and Heartwork/Artwork presenter, Jody weaves music, humor, art and inspiration into a captivating package.

Richly talented, Jody is known for her warm, friendly personality, her natural ability to connect with her audiences, and her exceptional vocal ability. She engages her audiences in every way, offering music with a message.

Tell me more!

Because Jody offers a unique program, filling the roles of speaker, singer-songwriter, and workshop leader in one person, you get three times the impact from one resource.

Your event will closely reflect your message and vision.

Jody brings years of experience in leading a variety of events. She understands what her clients want, and she is fully committed to the success of the event.

From a retreat or church setting to a corporate event, Jody delivers your vision and message, and can even write custom songs to make it a unique experience for everyone. Read testimonials from some of her delighted clients on the website.

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